Expression is the foundation of a loving and stable relationship

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You are worried over the issue of your child’s pocket-money

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You are unable to spend adequate time with your child

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  Communicate openly with everyone. This may reduce your rigidity and make you more open to change yourself. Perceive the world around you in an unbiased way. It may help you in becoming more flexible and adopting a new life-style. Exchange ideas with people around you. It will help you welcome other’s ideas as well. …

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  Parental depression and anger are major causes for the development of problems in the children. In most cases, maternal depression and father’s anger are the commonest factors in the development of behavioural problems in their child. Anxiety In today’s world, anxiety is a normal phenomenon. But if parents habitually look tense and behave irrationally, …

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  Take a break once in a month for your family exclusively It is very important that you realize that your family needs your personal time, which they hate sharing with your friends or others. Do make sure you hand over that much space to them, if only once in a month. Waiting for that …

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