You are unable to fulfil your child’s demands


In several cases, it was found that parents were worried about their

inability to fulfil the demands made by their children. The parents’ own

anxiety and frustrations may make the home environment depressing.

“It’s not possible for me to provide my child readymade food. When his

friends have this he easily gets upset and demands junk food or money…

and junk foods are so expensive…we can’t afford them.” This is a common

problem faced by parents. The junk food in varieties of eye-catching packets

(chips etc.) are becoming very popular day by day; a child gets attracted

easily and wants to have it immediately. Many parents adopt this culture like

a “status-symbol” and take it as if it were their prestige issue if they did not

buy the junk foods in loads. This makes them compulsive buyers.

On the other hand, parents who are financially incapable have guilty

feelings because they are not able to fulfil their child’s desires. Fulfilling a

child’s demand is a critical issue now-a-days. Parents who are sad because

they are not able to fulfil their child’s demands should not be unhappy, for

there are ways to solve any problem.

Parents who spend a lot on such things to make their child happy may

have to face different kinds of problems when he grows up. His demands

will increase from minor to major. They have to be careful while fulfilling

the demands. Moreover, their child develops an unhealthy food habit.

Surprisingly, I found that very few parents are worried about the concept of

“healthy food”. Eating out in hotels and restaurants and the readymade-food

culture are coming up so strongly that parents begin to develop an inferiority

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complex if they fail to follow this new trend. The parents’ own complex has

a definitive effect on their child.

How to solve the problem

Notwithstanding this, it is unfair to stop or quarrel over the issue of a

child’s desire to have junk food. If parents object or show their incapacity

to buy, they may induce an inferiority complex in their child because it is

a natural demand from a child. It is advisable to adopt a good as well as

a healthy method to fulfil his desires. Thus either providing in excess, or

depriving a child of the item for which he has a craving induces unhappiness

in him and, ultimately, he may try to get the things by hook or by crook.

Parents can cultivate a good habit in their child by making a healthy

rule. They can fulfil the demands of their child on every weekend with a

condition attached that he has to have regular healthy food on weekdays.

Here, parents can control their feelings of guilt, and a child also learns to

have good healthy food. Here the “junk food” becomes an incentive or game

as a reward, with a health condition attached, only if they have “healthy

food” six days in a week.

It is almost impossible to stop a child’s natural urge to have junk

foods but, at the same time, one can balance it by being more logical

and rational. This is the easiest way to solve this problem and make

a child happy and healthy. Moreover, it also teaches a child how to develop


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