You are unable to spend adequate time with your child

Inability to spare time is becoming a challenging issue day by day for

both parents. It is becoming tougher as both parents are working. They are

How Your Personality Makes or Breaks Your Child 37

more unsecured, nurturing a sense of guilt and reactive at the same time.

These negative feelings are so strong in them that they spoil the given

time by being more anxious, depressed or hostile. They are big failures in

managing their child-related activities and spending enough time because

they waste their leisure time on grumbling. They lack the insight and have no

practical knowledge of QUALITY TIME. Here, Honey, a mother of seven

years son, proves herself a good mother:

Honey is working in a multinational company. Her style of rearing

her son may provide some guidelines to parents who are often in a state of

anxiety and are grumpy.

Honey comes back from her office at 5 O’clock in the evening. Kisses

her seven-year-old son. Prepares tea and snacks,—of course, the menu is

prefixed, because she cannot afford to waste her time in deciding the stuff.

She takes a newspaper and starts solving jumbles with the help of her son, as

if her son was teaching her. They consult a dictionary if they fail to find some

words; of course, Honey does it intentionally so that her son takes more

interest in this game. She tries to lose the game, in order to make her son

win deliberately. She spends only fifteen minutes on it—for the sake of her

son’s personality and skill-development. This is called Quality Time, and, at

the same time, the child is learning by playing and that too with his mother.

Now she starts her regular activities, including her son’s routine-study.

These precious moments with her son stand out as “positive-participation”

with him.

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